Monday, November 06, 2006

And, in other animal news...

Apparently, Cambodia (hapless southeast Asian country that they are) has a national animal that may have never really existed:

From National Geographic:

Since 1960 the Southeast Asian nation has claimed the kouprey—an ox with spectacular crescent-shaped horns and a dewlap under its chin—as its national symbol.

But after conducting genetic tests, a team of researchers from Chicago's Northwestern University has concluded that the animal was most probably not a unique species at all.

The article goes. Essentially, they think it was an ox that went wild. It's like having a feral dog, but you claim it's a wolf... I think.

From The Independent:

New research has shown that octopuses and their cousins, the squid and cuttlefish, are far more intelligent than previously thought. They can experience suffering and are capable of complex thought, even to the extent of using tools.

The discovery has provoked a rethink by the Government and European Union. Proposals are being drawn up to offer octopuses and their kind the same protection in laboratories as monkeys, cats and dogs.

So, even if you don't believe in Cthulhu, you may soon change your mind. After all, today it's simple tools... tomorrow... well, does unspeakable, indescribable terror that may rip your mind asunder from just my mentioning it mean anything to you?


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